On Monday 19th July, England moved to step four of its roadmap in easing Covid restrictions. This means almost all legal restrictions of social contact will be removed. However, the Government is encouraging people to act with caution. 
The summary key points are below, with more detail on subsequent pages: 
1. On-field adaptions for playing football are no longer required. 
2. No limits of how many people can meet. 
3. One-metre-plus rule is removed. 
4. The definition of close contact remains the same, however the rules on self-isolation will be changing from the 16th August. 
5. Face coverings no longer required by law, but recommended in crowded indoor settings and may be mandated by some organisations. 
6. Changing rooms can be used, however participants should use their own judgment and minimise use where possible to avoid close contact in a crowded area for a prolonged time. 
7. No capacity limits for spectators, but good practice is encouraged. 
8. Hospitality is permitted without restrictions. 
9. NHS Test and Trace QR codes are not required by law, but are encouraged. 
10. Free NHS lateral flow testing is available to clubs and The FA encourages clubs to take this up. 
11. No domestic travel restrictions. Participants should continue to follow Government advice on international travel for any fixtures/tournaments. 
This guidance document applies to all youth and adult football and futsal, including all formats of the game, indoors and outdoors. 
numbers of these group sizes are permitted as long as social distancing rules are followed. 
Spectators are allowed indoors, but the total number of all participants, coaches, officials and spectators must comply with the ventilation rates permitted by the particular venue. You can find more information about this here. 
At larger events, capacity limits for spectators, set by The Government will apply. For indoor events this is 1000 or 50 per cent of capacity and for outdoor events this is 4000 or 50 per cent of capacity (whichever is lower in both cases). 
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